5 Things you can Expect in Nigeria


So you are planning to visit Nigeria for the first time, and you have no idea what kind of experience you will get when you spend your time here.

You may find some mainstream mentally about the situation of Nigeria and how the media have shown the scenarios in Nigeria.

Crimes and issues happen in almost every part of the world, and Nigeria is nothing special when it comes to that. But it is just as safe as any other developed country.

The people here are so positive, and if you have been getting the misrepresented version of Nigeria, then this article will amaze you.

Apart from the safety, you  would want to know about the weather, langu,ages, local people and surroundings so keep reading this article till the end to know what you can expect in Nigeria

5 interesting things you need to know about Nigeria

Energy and Positivism

You will be amazed by the present mentality of the people with their surroundings.

There is always positivism going around the market place. People of Nigeria are not afraid and shy to dance to any music that is playing around.

If you enter the market place or any place of bustle you will definitely witness laughter and local people having fun and enjoying what they are doing and the best part is that the people they are having fun with are not even their real friends or relatives yet they seem to enjoy their company very much.

Nigeria is Safe

A small part of Nigeria, which is very far from tourists spot, was ruled by a terrorist organization, and it is also declining. Apart from that, Nigeria is a very safe place with lots of tourists visiting Nigeria every year and without any complaint about safety in the city.

The security is complimentary for tourists, and you should not be afraid of the locals as their intentions are to make you feel safe.

Nigeria is Hot

This is expected as African countries are generally hot and the same goes to Nigeria.

It is hot throughout the year with a mild drop in the temperature during the months of November to February.

This season of mild temperature drop is called Harmattan. Some parts of Nigeria is cooler than other parts; for example, Jos is typically colder.

Nigeria also has high humidity, especially during the day time of summer.

Everyone speaks English

Everyone here speaks fluent and pidgin English, which has a combination of an English word and local dialects which can sound unique. People also speak 1 or 2 local of 350+ languages along with the English language.

Nigerians are warm and friendly

This is definitely the vibe of most of the Nigerian. They can be too friendly for someone that it may annoy them.

They will greet and want to talk to you like a friend, especially if you are tourists and they know about it.

There is no person in the market place of Nigeria.

Author: Monica Romero